Mexico Mining Rank

Currently, there are 777 mining projects in the country, operated by 293 companies. There are 286 companies with foreign capital operating in Mexico. Fifty-six mines in production are in foreign hands; 73% (210) of these firms are headquartered in Canada and 15% (44) in the US. Canadian Goldcorp Inc. is the largest producer of gold in Mexico. The company owns Los Filos mine in Guerrero, the largest gold mine in the country, and began operations of its Peñasquito project in Zacatecas in 2010. Fresnillo mine in Zacatecas, property of Fresnillo Plc, remains the largest producer of primary silver worldwide. In 2010, Fresnillo produced 1.11 billion tons of the mineral, 28% of Mexico’s total production. Several major exploration projects are scheduled to begin in 2012. Among them, some of the most important projects are Mercedes mine in Sonora, where Yamana Gold expects to produce 125,000 ounces of gold per year, and El Boleo in Baja California,operated by Baja Mining, with an expected production of 50 tons of copper, 1,500 tons of cobalt and 6,000 tons of zinc, annually.

Source: ProMexico

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